Sweet Food for Toddlers

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Is your child is love with sweet food and is not even two years old yet? Does he demand sweet food from the pantry, fridge or shopping isle and you give in to his tantrum? I have to ask whose fault is it that he wants to have sweet food - does your toddler really know what is good for him to eat and does he know how it will affect him? As a parent, it is your job to provide your toddler with regular and consistent healthy food choices and it is also your job to deal with the tantrums to back up your decisions.
I am not saying for one minute that either of those tasks is easy but you can be in control and help break your toddler's poor eating habits and give him a healthier future.
Once your toddler has been given sugary foods the craving for more sugar can have two causes a) psychological and b) physical.
A psychological cause is when your toddler knows he is rewarded with sugar treats even with tantrum behaviour.
Your toddler like all other toddlers likes to have things go his way even if it's not the best way.
Sugary food is also often given as a comfort or cure for boredom, sadness and frustration.
This association carries on into adulthood and I'm sure I'm not the only one with a psychological connection to sweet foods as a feel good comfort food! It is not just the emotional need that draws your toddler to sugary food but also the physical craving for instant energy.
Often your child has the wrong mix of foods throughout the day, creating energy highs and lows.
Processed foods and simple carbohydrates such as takeaways, sweet biscuits and cakes, gives the body a quick fix of energy but then the body energy plummets just as quick causing the body to crave for more instant energy - sugar.
With the occurrence of obesity and diabetes in children rapidly on the rise, it is important to help your young child establish good eating practices early for his future health and happiness.
Routine: Offer your toddler six meals a day at regular intervals - three main meals and three snacks.
You notice I said offer here as there is no point arguing about food if your toddler refuses to eat it.
There is always the next meal.
Have a little carbohydrate, protein and essential fat in every meal.
The body metabolises foods at different speeds and giving variety at each sitting helps to bring balance.

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