Why You Should Visit Your Child"s New School Before School Starts

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As our children grow, their school situation continues to change.
In addition to moving and changing schools we are also faced with in town school changes.
We have found that by visiting the schools before school starts a lot of stress can be alleviated.
Prior to kindergarten we not only did the whole visit with the teachers that the school asks you to do, we also walked around on a few weekends so that the school, playground and even the parking lot were really comfortable to my daughters.
A few times, after school hours, we played in the playground which helped make even the playground a bit more comfortable when school began.
Moving to first grade meant moving away from the very secluded kindergarten classrooms and playgrounds.
We spent a few different afternoons walking around the classrooms and visiting the new playground.
When we discovered which classroom my child was in, we went there two or three times to make it comfortable to find and remember.
Our school offers kindergartners the opportunity to buy hot lunch the very last two weeks of the school year so that the kids are comfortable with the cafeteria and lunch lines before they enter first grade.
I made sure my daughters bought lunch several times in those two weeks so they could experience the new routine.
My daughters went to two different elementary schools due to a move.
One of the schools was 1st-3rd grade on one side of the property and 4th and 5th grade on the other side of the property with two completely different playgrounds.
Prior to 4th grade beginning we made a point of visiting the school and exploring the "other side.
" Junior high school and senior high school both offer larger campuses with the changing of classrooms every hour throughout the day.
Thankfully, here in my town, both schools offer the kids their schedules at least a week before school starts.
We can then walk their schedule many times to make sure they are comfortable and they can remember the order of their classes.
Often, the kids who had not pre-visited were late to classes the first week, couldn't find classrooms, and were generally much more stressed than the kids who made those pre-visits and were comfortable with where they were going.
If at all possible I strongly recommend taking your child to the school as many times as necessary to help them feel comfortable with their new routine and surroundings.

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