Dealing With Fussy Toddlers - How To Make Them Eat

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When it comes to eating, toddlers can be extremely fussy, rejecting new food half of the time.
Most of the toddlers are like this and it is no surprise that food issues cause a lot of anxiety in parents.
Problems such as eating disorders and obesity can be avoided if healthy eating patterns are established early in life.
There are many ways of ensuring your child consumes a variety of foods.
You may even need to offer a certain type of food to your child at least 10 times before they finally agree to eat it.
Many parents, unfortunately, give into frustration and give up after four or five tries.
You must make the food fun for the child.
You can offer your growing toddler colorful foods such as raisins, carrot sticks, grapes, apples, crackers and cheese sticks which he or she will find fun and interesting.
You must explain to them in their language how good food can help them play longer and run faster by making them bigger and stronger.
Parents are usually the children's role models and children try to emulate them.
If you eat only a certain kind of food, your child will learn to have a restricted taste too.
Don't let your preferences put a limit on your child's food intake.
It is possible that yours and your child's taste vary and you might be serving them an item that they simply don't like.
Always openly eat a wide variety of foods in front of your children so they might try to do the same.
If you have a healthy and energetic child, then they must be eating well.
If you still feel unsure, keep watch over what and how much food they consume over the day.
Unlike adults, children eat often and not just three meals per day.
Snacks and handfuls can add up to quite a bit.
To confirm, you can take your child to a pediatrician and check your child's weight and height status.
Don't worry too much because a child will always eat, unless he or she is ill.
They have very good judgment when it comes to hunger and fullness.
Always be calm and patient during meal times and ensure your child has access to a fair variety of foods.
You never know, you and toddler may find something in common.

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