How to Be a Teen Mom

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    • 1). Attend school on a regular basis to gain your high school diploma. Education matters whether you want to be a stay-at-home mom or work in a career. Many high schools contain a daycare for child care while mothers finish their schooling.

    • 2). Work a part-time job to help cover the expenses of raising a child. This may mean working outside of the home, or finding a job that you can do from home during your spare time.

    • 3). Use the court system if necessary to ensure that the father pays child support to aid in the parenting expenses.

    • 4). Seek the support of family and friends for situations where you need child care or emotional support. Many parents and grandparents can be very helpful with these things.

    • 5). Find a local support system for young parents. Many cities have local support groups for teen moms. Other programs provide nurses to make home visits to help educate and support teen mothers.


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