How to Make Things Easier with My Family Planner

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    • 1). Find a sturdy three-ring binder at an office supply store. This will hold the entire contents of your family planner, and should be made with a durable cover. A plastic binder or one with a cloth binding works well.

    • 2). Place some paper divider pages in the binder. Dividers can be found at office supply stores and have little tabs that you can write on. Write a title on each divider that corresponds to the sections you will need in your planner: Budget, Groceries, Chores, etc.

    • 3). Type up your planner lists on the computer. Type a list for the groceries you need each week, the chores each member of the family is responsible for each week, and your monthly budget with dates that bills are due. Print out each list.

    • 4). Place each list in a plastic page protector, then place the pages in their suitable section of the planner.

    • 5). Put a calendar in the front of the planner with important dates like anniversaries and birthdays marked. You can update the calendar with each family members' schedule, like soccer practices and meetings.

    • 6). Collect any miscellaneous papers, like field trip permission forms and coupons, and store them in a pocket of the binder.


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