Safe Baby Gates For Stairs

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Stairs are very tricky to handle for just about anyone in any place, even for grow ups.
Sure enough we have all somehow tripped and slipped a couple times no matter how careful we've been going up and down a familiar staircase.
Having an active baby playing around your home will always test your reflexes and how soon you spot potential harm for your child.
This is when a baby gate becomes an important needed to be installed for a home with a staircase and very young kids.
However, it may be a little daunting to choose the right baby gate for you with so many to types to choose from.
The market offers a lot of different types such as Pressure Mounted, Hardware Mounted and Retractable Gates.
Looking at all that may confuse you just a tad bit if you don't know the difference between all of them and what will work best for your home.
Generally, pressure mounted gates are not advisable to be installed on staircases as these lack the strength that hardware mounted gates have to prevent a bad fall.
They are great for all other parts of the house but hardware mounted gates provide you with maximum protection on staircases.
There is also the matter of choosing a baby gate with the type of material you want it made out of.
Permanent mounted gates can be made out of either wood, plastic, metal and durable mesh fabric.
They work well as a pet barrier to keep your dogs and cats from all sorts of mischief.
Do remember that this safety gadget is designed to be easy for you to use but a difficult puzzle for a child to figure out.
Consider the height of your baby gate for this particular purpose as it will not serve its purpose if your child can easily climb over it or reach over to unlatch the door.
Most baby gates are guaranteed safe for children between 2-3 yrs of age.
The door latch and its locking mechanism should be child proof because little kids are most especially persistent.
Installing one on both top and bottom of any staircase is a good deterrent because, you would also want to keep a crawling tot from exploring up your staircase.
Definitely, babies won't really know how to go down the stairs.
If you are eyeing on those baby gates with lock indicators, it is also well worth that extra dollar.
A safety gate with an unlocked door latch can just as easily swing open when your child decides to play near it.
The world of baby products goes non stop with its innovations as retractable baby gates have now taken over the market.
There have been some misgivings about the installation of retractable baby gate models on top of staircases because of its strength to hold up a person's weight and keep them from falling off.
Leading baby gate manufactures, have innovated their products with extra durable mesh fabric to enable them to withstand 220 lbs of pressure.
It is important to always check on how efficient the retracting mechanism is with whatever brand of retractable gate you have purchased.
If you are fond of little gizmos and gadgets, you would probably fancy a built-in light motion sensor on your baby gate.
Safety 1st Smartlight Stair Gate has included a motion sensor light in its design.
The sensor lights up upon approach provides illumination on stairways and as well as the landing.
All you need are 4-D batteries to run the motion sensor.
You can also switch the night light on and off as you need it.
Baby gates are essential in any home.
It is an important safety device to protect your child from any harm.
This should always be your priority whenever you shop for any baby product and the end all of your decision when choosing a safe baby gate for your stairs.

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