How To Fix Behavior In A Problem Child

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Who is control? I know lots of families where the kids command and continually demand. Parents are often told what to do and some even walk on eggshells round their children. Anything for a quiet life and anything to avoid a meltdown. There are other ways you can avoid tantrums but giving into the child is not the way to do it. This is the worst thing you could possibly do!

Once the child learns how to manipulate you and sees that violent behaviour works a treat, then you are lost and you may never get that control back again.

Establishing why the child behaves or reacts in a certain way is always useful (in a calmer moment!). With the child you need to go through what happened, how he felt and what his reaction was. You could suggest other ways he could react the next time this happens. Learning about these strategies is easy with behavior therapy.

Is this you? You are dreading going home because you know as soon as you get in that door, your teen is waiting to pick a fight and might get aggressive, mouthy and violent if he does not get what he wants. One way to stop the immediate attack is to establish a routine whereby you have time to change and relax and you are not going to talk to anyone in the house until you do that. Unwinding is really important because it also gives kids time to adjust when they come home too. This rule applies to both parents and kids so parents will not nag their offspring as soon as they get in the door. This is not going to solve problem child behavior but it is a good first step. You are establishing a routine and that can be useful in giving structure to family life. This is just one of the techniques you will learn if you decide to take advantage of a behavior modification program.

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