Necessities Checklist for a Diaper Bag

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    The Bag

    • Parents need a diaper bag that is large enough to fit the essentials. Multiple compartments allow you to organize and find belongings easily. Choose a diaper bag in a color and print that both parents are comfortable carrying. Test different styles, such as backpacks and messenger bags, to see which is most convenient. Consider keeping a small diaper bag in the car at all times and purchasing a second, larger bag for extended trips.

    For Baby

    • Fill your diaper bag with all the supplies you need to change your baby's diaper on the go. Pack a changing pad, diapers, wipes and diaper cream. A plastic bag comes in handy for soiled clothing or diapers. Pack bottles or sippy cups, as well as baby food, a spoon and a bib for an older baby. A receiving blanket can be used to keep your baby warm or as a burp cloth. Pack a hat and sunscreen in warm weather, and always have a complete change of clothes in case of leaky diapers or spit-up. Bring along toys or books to keep your baby entertained, and don't forget the pacifier.

    For Parent

    • A diaper bag can replace a mother's need for a purse. Pack your wallet, keys, cell phone and sunglasses inside. Breastfeeding moms should put their nursing cover and breast pads inside. Hand sanitizer is convenient to have for after diaper changes or before you feed your baby.


    • Pack your camera so you can capture candid moments when you are out with your child. Tissues come in handy, as well as a first-aid kit, in case of an accident. If you have space, pack your sling or wrap. Bring an extra shirt for Mom or Dad in case there is a particularly messy diaper change or feeding. Also pack water bottles and snacks for parents. Infant acetaminophen is useful if your child is teething or running a fever.


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