Instilling in Your Child a Level of Confidence

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Being a parent can be challenging, and one of the most important things is to ensure your child has a high self esteem.
They need to feel loved and worthwhile when they are growing up, this will ensure they have this sense of satisfaction when they are older too.
The thing with confident, not cocky, children, is they are able to take on any challenge in life, because they know that they are able and don't lack in the necessary confidence.
Talk to anyone who has done well in life, and often they will tell you that when they were growing up, their parents instilled in them their own self-worth and the ability to take on any challenge.
The first step in high self esteem is to love your child without reservation.
You need to tell them and reassure them that you love them for who they are not what they do.
Of course, you need to discipline them and let them know whether their actions have been bad, so long as they know that you are angry about the action, not them, so rather than saying, "why are you always so mean to your brother?" say "you should share your toys with your brother more.
" Your kids also have to understand you are always interested in them.
If they don't, then they will feel unimportant and unloved.
If your kid asks you a question, you have to listen 100%.
You should also never laugh at any of their ideas or queries, no matter what, and you should always discuss their emotions with them when they decide they want to talk about them.
The thing is, you need to reinforce their positive feelings, making them think that they are an important individual and that others think this as well.
This is how you combat low self esteem.
If you feel good about yourself, others will too.
You should always be interested in what your child is doing.
Every comment you make should be genuine, just find the things you are happy about.
You need to be exact in your praise, not just general and vague.

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