How to See What Your Kids Write on Facebook

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Sign up for a Facebook account and become your child's friend. When he writes on a friend's wall, on a public fan page or in a public group, you will get updates in your news ticker, which is in the upper right-hand corner of your news feed. You'll also see notifications when he likes a page, a comment, a photo or other activity on Facebook. You might not see a notification for every action he takes on the site, but this should give you a good overview of what your child is doing on Facebook.

Get your child's Facebook password. Have a discussion about your concerns about your child's Facebook use, and let him know you will be checking in on the account. Log in periodically to check messages and activity. Facebook doesn't keep a log of everything a user writes on another person's wall, so you will have to browse around on friends' pages yourself, and you might not see all your child's activity. However, having open access to the account will give you a lot of information.

Install monitoring software. Tech-savvy kids can hide their activity from their parents by changing their privacy settings and giving their parents a limited profile view. Children might change their Facebook passwords or open up fake accounts that they hide from their parents. The only way to truly know everything your child is doing on Facebook or any other site is to install monitoring software that records key strokes. You can get a report of your child's activity sent straight to your inbox.

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