What Mom Really Wants to Do on Mother"s Day

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4 Things Every Mom Should Do on Mother's Day

If you were thinking this is going to be about Mother’s Day activities like brunches and trips to the spa, you might want to stop reading right now. I have nothing for you on that (though you will find lots more on those kinds of things by searching About.com for “Mother’s Day” and your city).

While there’s nothing wrong with some Mother’s Day fun, this is about how to make the most of Mother’s Day for yourself and for those you love.

The commercial aspects of Mother’s Day have been so built up that we can lose track of why we celebrate it: to honor the work, love and devotion of mothers.

Sometimes with the vast amount of work being a mom entails, we can lose sight of some of the joy of motherhood. As moms, though, we too need to honor mothers and motherhood.

So rediscover that joy this Mother’s Day. Next

Honor Your Own Mother

You were a daughter before you were a mother, and your mother and mother-in-law are your child’s grandmothers. So as you plan to honor your own mother and your partner considers your mother-in-law, think about how you will want to honored when you kids are grown.

Would you just want a card in the mail with some scribbled signatures? Probably not. I know I would want to see my kids and grandkids, and if that wasn’t possible then I’d want pictures and stories about the lives of not only my grandchildren but of my children too.

If your mother has passed away, honor her memory by telling your children about her. And if your relationship with your mother or (mother-in-law) is rocky, consider using this day to mend fences or at least thinking of the good about her. Give that Mother’s Day love and it will come right back at you!


Thank Others

On Mother's Day the world thanks mothers for all we do. And so it’s the perfect time to think of the people who make what you do a bit easier--and more importantly, those who make your kids' lives better.

For me, that could actually mean a lot of people: my husband, parents, friends and family. All are a big help to me, and they love my kids. But I’m not stopping with just the people who love my kids.

I also I want to thank the people who make a difference in my kids’ lives but don't love them.

These folks may like my kids a lot, but they are motivated by something more than just love for individual children--love of all children. These are their teachers and coaches, babysitters and neighbors and people like the local librarian, family doctor or even the friendly (and patient) salesperson.


Not everyone likes surprises. And even if you do like surprises, surprise can turn to disappointment  when our silent expectations are not met.  So don't make people guess what you want. It's not fair  to them or you.  Now, I'm not proposing that you make a wish list like the kids do for Santa but have a discussion with your partner and/or your kids about the plans for the day well in advance of Mother’s Day.

If your idea of a great Mother’s Day is sleeping in, don’t let your partner book an early morning brunch. If you’re a budget-conscious mom who would prefer a homemade Mother's Day gift, be clear you don’t want extravagant trinkets. If a little “me time” is what you need, don’t let your partner plan frenetic, kid-centered activities.

So many of these reader-submitted, Mother's Day disaster stories involve miscommunications about expectations for the day and generally bad gifts for mom.


You wouldn’t be a mother without them! The best thing about Mother's Day, of course, is the love behind it. And though your children love you all year long, they don’t always show it as they do on Mother’s Day. This is when they really pile it on.

And just as you enjoy your children all through the year, you don’t enjoy every moment with them. So likewise, use this special day to cherish the enjoyment they give you.

And if you need a little break from your kids this Mother's Day, don't feel guilty. Have a little time to yourself and come back to them refreshed.


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