Freedom Of Imagination - An Absolute Way To Make Your Kid Smart

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To a child who has just started to play, the best place is the home garden.
It is here that the child is out in the open, yet is secured by vinyl fencing.
With a vinyl fence around your house, you can rest assured that your child cannot move out.
Unavoidable as it seems, this restriction is only limited to the physical realm.
As there is no means with which you can possibly limit his imaginations.
So let it run wild.
Once you start taming their imagination, it is like you are depriving them of their own skills and creativity.
Sadly, when a child starts schooling, he is overburdened with too many facts.
However, it is the imagination of a child that needs encouragement especially in group learning.
Every child develops his own imagination and loves to live with it.
A child who is an adventure geek might be thinking of sports.
Or there are kids who like to spend hours pretending to be their favorite cartoon character.
Can you ever say no to a child who is acting like Superman or Major Glory? Definitely not! Everyone knows that fantasy is an important part of a child's life.
But exactly how important a role does imagination play in a child's life? Firstly, it is a unique way of expression that a kid has.
Plus, it is an escape passage from the real world into the imaginary one.
This is most likely the case when a kid wishes to escape hardships at school or home.
However, a child's imagination is not merely an escape.
They act as a portal through which he/she can learn a variety of behaviors.
Through imaginary play, they are not just learning behaviors, but also exercising their brains to get problem solving skills.
Another commendable aspect of kids' imagination is role-playing.
You would not find a kid who does not like to step into someone else's shoes which means they like to pretend to be someone else and get a new life and personality.
Obviously, they mimic their adults or the people around them.
In this situation, it often becomes quite hard for parents to set a good example or at least a positive image.
Moreover, they get a chance to experience situations that are normally unlikely.
For instance, kids pretending to be in the dinosaur era not only have fun, but also tend to learn a lot about that period.
They imagine themselves as living in the same time frame and play accordingly.
This tends to be a great source of relief as well as a foundation for mental build up.
Mostly, the imaginary world of a child is incomplete without dolls and other such toys.
Although apparently an insignificant attachment, with dolls a kid learns to care for others.
Irrespective of the age, imagination can play an important part in almost everyone's life.
However, the only distinction when it comes to a child's imagination is the grooming of a child's personality.
This way a child can express his individuality.
Every child is unique, not just by appearance but by the way he/she interprets the world.

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